Department Safety

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

As a leader in the structural steel fabrication industry, Delta Steel Inc. is committed to safety. We provide state of the art safety training as well as materials. We use a team effort to emphasis the importance of maintaining the safest possible working conditions for all employees. Our goals are:

1.    Reduce our accident rate to ZERO.
2.    Protect all employees from any and all work injuries.
3.    Maintain highest standards of safety practice.
4.    Maintain all equipment and work in a safe manner.
5.    Ensure safety of the general public when affected by our work.

Our safety council works hand in hand with our employees to create the most effective safety program. We believe that proper education, commitment and team work are the keys to eliminating hazards.

We have committed to a drug free work site. All of our employees are drug testing pre-employment as well as on demand drug screening. We take this very seriously and hold this practice in the highest regard.

Delta Steel is an AISC Certified Fabricator. Let Us Steel Your Vision!